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We are epic DevEx Engineers Contribute to Kubify!!
5 years in the making. Battle tested. Open Source. Full SDLC automation that allows you to test your entire infra locally, rapid test locally, version services/secrets/mappings/env easily, have a single yaml file for each service, have a single yaml file for each environment,....

The creator and lead developer Willy Guggenheim has 25+ years experience as professional software developer, 10+ years experience as a devops engineer and 15+ years as a data scientist. Philip Tolk, who has 30+ years software development experience, has recently joined the effort as a heavy contributor in order to make this epic open source effort even better (THANK YOU)! We have acquired the skills and knowledge necessary to build full SDLC automation.

Please read the readme CLICK HERE for detailed information on this beautiful project. We made this repo Open Source so that the world can (and should) contribute to this awesome tool, in an effort to make all developers super happy and super efficient (automate all the things). This software allows developers to test entire infra locally (in full) and deploy to the cloud (easily), driving quality and efficiencies.

Let's build Kubify together!!
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